About the company

Medical devices for professionals

Arterical is a channel that connects world-class medical experts with the best medical equipment available on the market. We serve specialized medical institutions throughout Europe, providing them with a wide selection of medical products and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We provide healthcare professionals with access to high-quality medical equipment

Our solutions are universal and can be applied in various fields of medicine, including invasive cardiology, angiology, cardiac surgery and all areas related to vessels – components of the cardiovascular system. Our activities and development are focused on optimizing the process of introducing modern medical equipment, which allows preserving human health and life and guarantees patient safety.

An extensive network of reliable suppliers

Arterical has an extensive and reliable network of suppliers, which makes it possible to provide constant access to a large range of specialized medical devices and equipment from reputable global manufacturers. Our cooperation with recognized brands ensures that our customers receive products and services of the highest quality.

Partnership strategy of the Arterical company to ensure the highest quality of medical care

In order to provide our partners with unique and innovative therapeutic solutions, the Arterical team has a deep understanding of the needs of patients and doctors. Collaboration with the medical community is a key aspect of our strategy. We are constantly motivated to improve our knowledge and experience, which allows us to expand and develop in new directions. We combine the latest scientific advances and advanced technologies to provide high-quality solutions that improve the health and quality of life of patients.

Our mission, vision and values



Arterical aims to establish strategic partnerships with manufacturers of high-quality medical equipment, as well as hospitals and clinics throughout Europe. Together, we work to improve equipment, treatment solutions and procedures, and advance innovative technologies and knowledge to support medical processes.



Our goal is to provide specialized medical centers with modern therapeutic solutions, innovative and reliable medical devices and the highest quality medical equipment that effectively supports treatment procedures. We are motivated by profound changes and strive for continuous improvement of our business processes.


Improving the quality of life

The company’s priority is to improve people’s quality of life by providing access to innovative, high-quality and effective medical products and equipment that can help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.

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