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We provide the highest quality medical equipment used in the human cardiovascular system. Our solutions can be applied in various fields of medicine, including invasive cardiology, angiology, cardiac surgery and all areas related to blood vessels – components of the cardiovascular system.

Advanced medical technologies from Arterical: the key to success in interventional procedures

Arterical is committed to providing certified medical products and equipment of the highest quality, specially designed for use in the cardiovascular system. We are proud that Arterical is a reliable partner in providing comprehensive and competent services, providing medical equipment used in hospitals, clinics and specialized medical facilities. We collaborate with advanced medical systems and innovative solutions in cardiology and angiography centers across Europe and provide the necessary research solutions in clinical medical centers.

Therapeutic areas

The company Arterical offers solutions for use in various medical fields, including invasive,
cardiology, angiology, cardiac surgery and other areas related to the cardiovascular system.
Therapeutic areas in which we specialize:

Reliable and comprehensive support

Arterical provides comprehensive solutions that include equipment delivery, installation, training and reliable technical support, including warranty and post-warranty service. We focus on building lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients, with an emphasis on efficiency and the highest ethical standards. We offer our knowledge and support every step of the way for our partners.

We provide:

Consultations and staff training

We provide professional training and consulting for medical personnel to maximize the effectiveness of our products in medical practice.

Medical equipment installations

Our specialists will take care of the accurate installation of the equipment, ensuring the proper integration of our technologies into the infrastructure of your medical institution.

Warranty and service

We offer comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service, ensuring uninterrupted operation of medical equipment in your facility.

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